Branding & Media

Publisher Branding

Autoaid uses unique marketing strategies such as publisher branding to help your auto dealership business run ads on apps or websites. With publisher branding, we aim at delivering the right information to customers for what they have been exploring your dealership website.

Video Marketing

Autoaid integrates compelling videos on your dealership website to generate a strong impression of your brand on your customers. Our expert team at Autoaid strive hard to make your dealership business turn into an industry leader using exceptional video marketing strategies such as a video tour of your cars & dealership, exclusive sales event video, customer testimonials, meet the staff video, How-to's, essential tips to boost your SEO rankings and sales.

Dealer Google Partner

As a certified Google Partner, Autoaid renders copious benefits to your auto dealership business. Autoaid aims at making your dealership websites responsive, optimize your site for demanding buyers, and provides you with a major scope of products and services that enhance your revenue. Working with Autoaid offers copious benefits to your brand like effective vehicle promotions. Being a Google Partner, we remain updated with the latest techniques in Google Ads.

Dealer Microsoft Partner

We, at Autoaid, enable your auto dealership business to acquire a better return on existing and new IT investments being a Microsoft partner. A dedicated expert team at Autoaid scrutinizes your business requirements and recommend precise solutions that render concrete advantages to your dealership. By working with a Microsoft Partner like Autoaid, your auto dealership business can reach its maximum potential.

Dealer Facebook Partner

Autoaid, the reliable Facebook partner offers a wide range of solutions that helps in advertising your auto dealership business, engage with customers effectively, and more. With intelligent marketing strategies and Facebook products, Autoaid monitors your sales progress, and performance, enhances your brand credibility, and generates impressive results.

Dealer LinkedIn Partner

Autoaid as a certified LinkedIn partner helps your auto dealership business with perfect solutions. Being a LinkedIn partner, we carry out various activities like page management, lead generation, campaign management, reporting, and more. We understand your marketing impact and generate a high return on investment for your business.

DealerRater Partner

Autoaid as a certified DealerRater partner helps your auto dealers access a wide range of content sourced on the DealerRater website. Our partnership with DealerRater helps your business witness increased sales, brand recognition, and aids customers connect with your dealership. We aim at generating a great way to reach out to customers, increase customer base, and augment customer engagement through reviews on DealerRater.

Yelp Partner

Autoaid enhances the ability of your auto dealership agency to sell and manage the Yelp ads campaign as a trusted Yelp Partner. With our effective services, powerful tools, and innovative strategies, your dealership business can gain enhanced campaign flexibility and centralization


Autoaid implements unique YouTube Marketing tactics to target the right community of audiences and generate effective sales. We increase additional leads and sales to your business by optimizing youtube profile page, posting interesting videos, video testimonials and sharing videos on other channels. Our team of experts focuses on boosting your dealership business by optimizing all of your videos for search to ensure they are discovered.


Autoaid makes publications to help your auto dealers reach more customers. We generate powerful content in the form of publications to grab the attention of your potential buyers. Our dedicated team at Autoaid releases publications to promote your products and service

Direct Mail

Autoaid uses unique direct marketing techniques such as Direct Mail to enhance the response rate. To achieve your auto dealership's sales goals, we conduct a direct mail campaign. Autoaid uses direct mail to reach more customers as it is one of the effective and easiest direct marketing techniques.

Video Content

Autoaid generates engaging video content to enhance brand awareness and construct a well-structured connection between your dealership firm and your visitors. We add the right videos on the landing page of your dealership website to increase conversions. Our expert team uses vital video content marketing strategies to grab the attention of your target audience and leave a long-lasting impression about your brand.

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