Marketing & Reputation

Dealer Reputation

Autoaid aims at strengthening the reputation of your auto dealership business to expand your services across various regions. We monitor, manage and augment your auto dealership reputation by generating an online presence of your services, showing transparency to your buyers, and requesting optimistic reviews from customers. A team of experts at Autoaid tracks your customer reviews 24/7 to interpret your customers' viewpoint about your dealership services

Local SEO

Google wants to be confident that your business is real. In the SEO world, this is known as the “Google Confidence Algorithm”. Google relies on upon over 70 major third-party web sites to verify the consistency of the business name, address and phone (“NAP”), associated with your web site. The more consistent your NAP, the more likely you are to be found in the maps section at the top of the Google results. We help businesses get listed in the map pack. We make sure your business listing is accurate and consistent with Google requirements to rank well locally.


SEO can take your business to places it’s never been before. By dominating the search results your business can get more website traffic, more quality leads and more customers. Autoaid delivers cost-effective services to help your auto dealership website gain organic traffic and boost the visibility of your website and enhances your brand awareness. We execute highly productive strategies like on-page optimization, link building, technical SEO Audit, competitor analysis to help your website rank at the top of the organic search engine results page.

Google Marketing

Autoaid emphasizes monitoring your dealership website's traffic, potential shoppers' interests, etc., to help you deliver more quality services to your customers. We use different Google Marketing tactics to drive more traffic to your auto website that eventually generates more leads and boosts your sales.

Microsoft Marketing

Autoaid aims at reaching more customers with microsoft marketing that focus on personalization through AI and with some powerful advantages like control search demographics, device targeting, granular control and less competition. Autoaid uses Microsoft Marketing as it is one of the cost-effective marketing strategies to achieve better advertising ROI, stay ahead of the competition, low cpc and high quality leads.

Email Marketing

Autoaid promotes your business-related services through unique Email Marketing strategies. We send updated information about your latest auto deals regularly through mobile-responsive emails. Our innovative Email Marketing tactics boost your ROI, CTR, and conversions.

Social Media Marketing

Autoaid improves your auto dealership website's presence through innovative social media marketing techniques. We create customized posts, campaigns, and cater to our social media marketing services to push sales and conversions to your auto dealership website. A highly dedicated team at Autoaid optimizes your social media campaigns to accomplish outstanding results.


Autoaid conducts telemarketing campaigns to understand the customer experience with the automobile they purchased and to know how your auto dealer representative handled the sale, etc. With innovative telemarketing strategies, we convert the highest number of contacts into positive leads. We ensure your auto dealership business to witness an increase in sales after conducting a telemarketing campaign.

Google Ads

We effectively run pay-per-click campaigns within your budget to consistently trigger your customers to move towards your website. With impressive Google Ads PPC Management technique, Autoaid drives more customers that in turn increases your leads and sales.

Google AdMob

Autoaid is committed to helping your dealership agency earn more revenues with in-app ads through the best Google AdMob platform. We use compelling tools to give you deeper insights into the way your customers interact with your ads and mobile app. To generate a powerful brand impression for your business, we integrate highly advanced monetization techniques and unique ad formats.

Google Merchandise

Autoaid optimizes your auto dealership website using the best SEO techniques. Product or service discovery becomes quite easy with Google Merchandising store. Using innovative merchandising tactics, we provide complete information about a vehicle along with images, great product descriptions, and more. With the right merchandising strategies, Autoaid aims at boosting your sale

GEO Fencing

We target your local shoppers in your neighborhood through a unique Geo-targeting technique. Autoaid nourishes your prospects by sending them appropriate messages at the right time. This steers the right customers towards your website to purchase their preferred automobile or acquire a service. Our innovative geo-targeting services help your business by adapting to your buyers' preferences.

Microsoft Ads

Autoaid uses unique Microsoft ads to target specific audiences to reach your auto dealership services. By integrating the right Microsoft Ads to your auto website, we help your business reach a wider audience and yield the best outcomes. We implement proper techniques to give a quick boost to your dealership business.

Facebook Ads

At Autoaid we practice Facebook ads to help your dealership reach the exact audience. With the right placement of dynamic Facebook ads and selection of the precise platform, we target visitors steer towards your auto website and capture low-funnel leads. We generate brand awareness, boost website traffic, increase sales, revenue, leads, and grasp the quick attention of your customers with our innovative Facebook ads.

Instagram Ads

Autoaid aims at optimizing your Instagram Ads to steer more quality traffic to your auto dealership website. Using unique marketing strategies, we integrate various Instagram ads to your websites such as photo ads, video ads, slideshow ads, and more. With proper Instagram Ads, we target your audience based on age, gender, location, interests, and more.

Yelp Ads

We, at Autoaid, incorporate Yelp Ads on your auto dealership website to target the right customers exploring a used or new auto dealership. With Yelp Ads, a dedicated team at Autoaid drives more traffic to your website and helps in getting instant feedback from your customers regarding their opinion on your services.

LinkedIn Ads

Autoaid focusses on filling a void in current contemporary digital marketing using unique marketing strategies like LinkedIn Ads. Our team of experts helps find new potential buyers and steer them to your dealership storefronts and eventually boost your sales by adding LinkedIn ads to your auto dealership website.

Twitter Ads

Autoaid uses powerful Twitter ads to help your automobile dealership business build its brand image in the market. With compelling Twitter ads, we aim at attracting more customers to your website and enhance the visibility of your site. Our team of experts at Autoaid helps your dealership agency engage with potential customers.

Search Engine Marketing

We, at Autoaid, optimize your website to enhance visibility and drive huge traffic. We create high-quality leads and boost quality traffic to your dealership website through the right search engine marketing techniques like PPC. Partner with us at Autoaid to increase your ROI metrics in the market.

Service and Parts Marketing

Autoaid focuses on enhancing your brand image and increasing sales by implementing the right service and parts marketing. Besides boosting your car sales, we even execute the best marketing tactics to increase the demand for auto parts. By choosing the right service and parts marketing strategies, Autoaid can drive more sales by selling more auto parts and accessories on your dealership website.

Amazon SEO

Making your task simpler, we take care of your product listings to display on the top of search results through the Amazon SEO technique. Autoaid will take care of ranking your products in the top place. Autoaid uses a keyword-based algorithm to boost your probabilities of ranking top in the search results. We perform various activities like generating product descriptions, optimizing product bullets, displaying results in a particular order, etc.

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