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Welcome to Guaranteed Digital Retailing, where the focus is on spending less and achieving outstanding results! Auto Aid is a globally renowned car dealer website company and dealership marketing solution, specializing in comprehensive dealership web solutions and growth strategies.

Learn More About us Our primary mission is to help you save on expenses while delivering exceptional results. With our all-in-one approach to digital retailing, we provide a dynamic and cost-effective solution for your dealership's web presence and marketing needs.

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Our all-encompassing approach covers a wide spectrum of solutions, including:

Private Sales events

Appointment Tools

Build & Price

GEO targeting

DMS targeting

Business Development Center (BDC)

Google SEO & Web structure

AI Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Microsoft solutions

Integration with Meta (new Facebook)

Social Media management

Video production

Creative Design

Mobile Apps development

Collaboration with Publishers

With these tools at your disposal, we amplify your appointment walk-in traffic, reduce marketing costs, and enhance the overall efficiency of your business.

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Auto Aid is trusted by dealerships and businesses across the industry to provide cutting-edge solutions that drive success.

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Unite Planning With Execution

Managing your CRM has never been this easy. With Auto Aid, you can seamlessly plan, execute, and report all from one platform. Eliminate bottlenecks, gather valuable task data, and present it as informative infographics for more accurate and efficient action.

Get Customers In The Door

Stop losing customers to your competition. Auto Aid provides you with tools that offer personalized online experiences for your customers. By understanding their browsing habits, you can tailor your communication and drive traffic to boost sales.

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What We Offer

Auto Aid is an all-in-one Marketing and CRM platform with automated tools to help you source and capture leads and turn them into loyal customers. Our range of tools helps you address various business challenges, including:

  • Improving Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) by providing efficient and timely task completion.

  • Enhancing customer experience through integrated tools for an ultimate digital experience.

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Join us as we share our tips, tricks, and techniques designed to help you overcome your financial fears and transform your dealership's success story.

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