iSales converts leads to deals that are driven to your dealership. The potential lead then turns into appointments via SMS, Email, Phone call, Video call, Live Chat and Promotional Deals. Once it is turned into an appointment our dedicated staff forwards them to a CRM and notify the dealership to host and welcome the prospect. It is an effective way of digital marketing that manages every aspect of the follow-up process. To aim for an impressive closing ratio, we also facilitate live chats and direct call communication with your dealership sales, service or manager personnel. Plus, a 24/7 dedicated expert team that aids quality control is always at your service. Study shows that dealerships see 25 to 50% more impact in closing ratio when a faster response system is in place. Welcome to iSales, the future of digital retailing. Stop losing customers to your competition. Invest in a system that provides a personalized online experience for your customers. Auto Aid provides the iSales specialists with tools that provide personal communication with your customers based on what they have been browsing on your website. With the new tools, fast friendly response and correct follow-up we will drive more appointments and walk-ins to your dealership and help you close the deals at a better ratio.

The goals of SCM are generally:

Even before COVID the movement from personal to virtual sales and lead generation was already occurring. The efficiency, speed and ability to pinpoint customers have been, and continue to improve due to new technologies being offered to you.

iSales dedicated virtual digital retailers use a customer relationship management (CRM) marketing automation and mobile messaging platform for sales that allows for comprehensive lead generation. From your dealership website and calls to actual appointments, users can categorize inbound and outbound calls, while improving sales operations. This virtual sales program allows you to engage with your leads, make appointments with them and turn them into vetted prospects for dealerships.

Because we are big believers in local marketing and geo-targeting, we understand how important it is for you to market to your local clientele and target customers with whom you can or already have a relationship with. Autoaid’s iSales is one more way to utilize direct marketing tools that depend on direct communications with customers. Databases with stored leads are better organized giving sales representatives the ability to follow up when and as needed.

As follow-ups become easier, and text/emails become more automated, the activity can be better logged giving sales representatives access to where things are in the sales process. Beyond that, iSales can sync with calendars, trigger automated tasks, use “drip” analytics to fine-tune messaging and marketing, use email, SMS, and generate reports more easily and efficiently than other systems. This saves time and money, allowing your sales team to work smarter for more business.

The convenience this powerful platform provides, as well as the data it can generate, will certainly make the transition from leads into sales easier. At Autoaid we have a dedicated expert team that aids quality control in sales and services.

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